sunday streetstyle

Hello my lovelies, I am back to share with you all a streetstyle look that I pulled up together to enjoy a lovely Sunday stroll. Hope you like it, and stay tuned for more looks coming your way very soon. X, -B


Summer look n°5

When you feel like that there’s nothing out there that can feed your fashion needs of the moment, you turn to creating your own top, denim choker, and a moto helmet handbag just to carry all your 170 lipglosses. Sporty yet chic and extra, you are found in a dazzling street corner taking in the sun rays and eyeing the passersby. Let me know what you think of this look, and I look forward till next time. X, -B


Top and choker by TDA. Pants: & other stories. Shoes: Nike Air. 


Summer Look n°4

Remember the 3 V’s in today’s “less is more” thought girls : Veni Vidi Vici.

Now that’s how we should roll.

X, -B (from the roman empire today)


Top, Pants, and Handbag: Italian Vintage. Shoes: San Marina. 

Summer look n°3

Miami Vice type of image texture for the beautiful eyes of my dazzled readers. Today I just needed to be back in time, a little bit. The sunshine was hitting hard and its orangy bright color made me wanna wear a swimsuit according to it. Water and blue skies are something widely taken in pictures that you are probably becoming exhausted to see, but I personally never get bored watching it; every time the odds of nature and its complex forms of sounds, smells, lights and colors are reminding me different memories of childhood. Bad or good, from far it always looks good 😉 Finally, wear pieces connected to the environment that you find yourself into and then…feel the breeze, take a deep breath, dig into your brain with no efforts, find moments that bring invisible tears into your eyes and say THANK YOU. Because you deserve it. – To ALL my beautiful followers. I LOVE YOU EXACTLY HOW YOU ARE. X, -B

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Bikini: Boutique-Brasil.  Sunglasses: Raybans. Vintage jewellery. Headband: Silk scarf. 

Summer Look n°2

When in doubt, go for a simple white over the shoulder dress and pair it with a handmade straw hat and bag to keep the look minimalistic and effortless yet chic and classy. Wear this look to go on a boat, for a walk in the countryside, to lunch in on a park picnic, or even as a day date look! Sunflower’s pride my lovelies! 😉

Stayed tuned to summer look n°3, coming to you soon. Meanwhile, shine bright! X, -B


Dress: H&M. Hat and Bag: Madagascar (yes, the country 🙂


Summer Look n°1

Sporty chic- Yes, this is what I decided to put on today to go about Saturday morning and afternoon, spent getting a late breakfast on sunshine-and-sunglasses filled terrace, not taking myself too seriously and being goofy with my foamy cappuccino. Smiling at passersby and absorbing radiating energies from everyone and everything that surrounds my pastel colored headband. This look was so easy and comfortable to style, wear, and pull off. Light-hearted feelings given by a sustainable and still energy given by a light outfit…given by TDA 😉 Here is an important cycle, one that makes you feel dynamic. The book intelligence will tell you that absolutely everything that you live and feel within your inner self is produced by your brain; how unpoetic and down to earth lovelies… Keep a little magic in your life, don’t let the tricks be revealed to you, be dynamic with your look, adapt it to your thoughts, to your interior poetry and then let this look affect you with its magical energy. I know… how hard not to let your thoughts take over. But sometimes the question is ‘why would we always be into controlling our thoughts?’ Let things happen. Let your clothes influence your feelings and states of mind. Finally do not forget ; EVERYTHING MOVES, ALWAYS.

X, -B


Headband: Anthropologie. Top: Ca Me Plait Paris. Leggings: Lululemon. Sunnies: Vintage. 

What to wear to the laundromat

When you think you have nothing to wear and/or it is laundry day, take my input on what I am sharing below.

First, don’t pick up any drabby sweater-material-tracksuit-like ensemble that you have handy (I know that it is easier said than done). But, instead, why not trek into the laundromat with a full on vintage look? Well, that’s what I did today ;D (see below). It was quite a fun change, because usually I would have gone in sporty attire.

I have been thinking about a few things lately, and what I arrived to is this. Dressing well is a strong core for a solid mentality. How you feel carries you for the whole day, and no that is not fully influenced on WHAT is on the INSIDE. Yes, that is a part of it. The other pulling factors come from WHAT lies on the OUTSIDE. The inside pulls on the outside and the outside pulls on the inside- hmm are we achieving perfect harmony? I tell you YES. So, when we do the little, daunting tasks that are part of the everyday mundane, why not do them in style- in spunk? in love? in a smile? in a calm outlook? in italian vintage if you want 😉 ?

Outfits are a presentation of a kind of you to the world, let me be frank with you. Clothes were invented for a purpose (to cover and protect obviously) but no not just that. Express. Be audacious. encourage others to do the same. And might as well take advantage of the fact that there are so many lovely kinds of patterned silk shirts that you can spend days matching them with the oddest trousers and bottoms that you can think of, just to step out to perhaps do your grocery shopping. There’s some inspo for your groceries. Let your imagination take you to places, literally! Anyways, you get the point…

Hope I inspired you there for a moment, at least. X, -B



What to wear to a day party

Happy Friday my lovelies! Today, I bring you a precious look that I’ve been wanting to wear lately. An ensemble that can make you feel like a fairy princess (YES). Mixing floral-ruffle-denim with see-through delicate lace, fixed by nothing but an eyes catching, rhinestone studded belt. Yes, because why not? I say, dare to be risky in blending different textures and materials together. Fashion can be dictated but style cannot. Carry the outfit within the attitude you want to transmit. If you’re confident in the way that you love what you’re wearing, then it will follow. I suppose the goal of all this is to say dare to take risks, trust your aestehtic intuition, and don’t think too much about what you SHOULD wear instead of what you WANT. I hope you enjoy what I have put together, and I look forward to our next session. Until Then.. X, -B


Top & Skirt: Zara. Belt: Maje. 



Metallic Eye triangles: TDA. 

Hello Yellow

Summer weather (unofficially) has arrived, and I am officially back reporting to you from where I stand. Apologies for not having posted in awhile. I have been more active on instagram these past few days, so make sure to follow me there to stay up to date (@thedirtyaesthetic). All you need to know to be caught up is the following. I have been enjoying dazzling summery days in beautiful sunny towns. Today, I was captured wearing a yellow floral dress that made the day an immense ease. And no, I didn’t even have a cup of coffee to get me through. So here I am, swirling in my dress, and remembering that to be at ease is to be yellow mellow. Be mellow (not yellow), and enjoy your weekend. See you soon! X, -B


Dress & shoes: Zara. Tan & hair: sunshine.