The Idea Behind The Dirty Aesthetic


This photograph is one of the many that kicks off the essence behind The Dirty Aesthetic and acts as a reminder to create enriching content that is centered around my own unique vision. I am very fond of this photograph as it captures what happens when you pair different types of jewellery together. A gold, lion-head next to silver mesh that is beside a sapphire stone placed near a black diamond, paired with an egyptian-inspired gold bracelet, which in total gives for an impressive contrast that is enhanced further by a wood background, tying the whole colors that exist within this one image.

With an open hand and thereby with an open mind, I am creating The Dirty Aesthetic to express what I hope is a fresh take behind the factors and features that give the pieces and the whole their perceived beauty.

I hope you find this image and these words pleasing to your eyes and mind! X, -B


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