Winter Blues Captured in Geneva


Geneva City Center (Bel-Air)

Even though Geneva’s cold winter weather does not make for an encouraging out-and-about kind of atmosphere, I am looking at the city today with appreciative eyes. We all can acknowledge that most of us despise winter, as it doesn’t have the same vibrant and fast-paced energy as Spring and Summer. But really, we should embrace what the winter times have to offer us (or convince ourselves of such a statement…remember you can fake it till you make it!). Anyways, that is why today I decided to look at the city from this stand-point (photograph above). That cloudy white light that makes us all feel gloomy actually is MAKING this picture. It enhances all the details in this photo, which I happen to find impeccably beaut beaut beaut!

When it comes down to every object, whether it is that of fashion or architecture, I believe that you can always find its beauty in the juxtaposition of the details. The details are absolute capital and make for what is behind the aesthetics. 🙂  X, -B

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