Work-In-Progress Day

Bonjour everyone! Today I thought to capture my skills in scaffolding and working with my hands 😉 More seriously, focusing on wearing something that allows me to move in this hyper-structural world, surrealistic at times when it comes to having to avoid the screws, the holes, the unfixed platforms… I feel like describing the tools around me but HEY, mine’s aren’t about drilling and cutting. SO, here it is – wearing a victorian inspired metallic choker and lunar-stone necklace, space-suit-like leggings (but really they’re just Nike’s) coordinating perfectly with my checkered Topshop socks and silver shoes. For the top,I kept it simple with a black lace-transparent bra underneath my satin jacket full of flowers and this tropical ambiance that makes me wanna jump on a plane to Cuba for a 4 pm Daiquiri cocktail. X, -Bimg_1608img_1624img_1630

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