Running through the weekend

Happy weekend everyone! I spent the day at Lausanne yesterday and since I was dressed sporty, I was compelled to visit the Olympic Museum (Le Musée olympique). It was such a beautiful sunny/semi-cloudy day that it made the city look like a pure paradise (it is though literally!!) I came across this cute running track that looked like a runway for athletes. I had to strike a couple of poses to showcase my outfit. Earlier that morning, I did not have enough coffee, so I put on quickly what I saw in my closet and I suppose it looked like this (pictures below)… turned out to be one of my fave ensembles ever! I wore my Ralph Lauren polo, burgundy leggings (from fabletics and yes they are truly fabulous), my velvet choker, Swarovski earrings, my favorite cat-eye sunnies, and my silk scarf (got it from a vintage store in London town). At the beginning of the day, I was wearing my scarf undone on my neck, but then I thought why not wear it around my waist?! What do you think? I though it gave the outfit more personality 😉

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Hope it is lovely! X, -B

P.s. I ran track & field in high school and I somewhat hated it, but shockingly later on I got back into running and now I somehow love it.




Trying to be a flamingo

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