Everything moves…always

Hello Hello Hello! I am back with an outfit-inspo post that I hope you will LOVE. I have missed writing these style posts with words that I love to be shared with like-minded readers like you. I apologise for I have been busy with school this past week.Anyways, let’s get to some fashion-talk.

I have thought about something this morning and I want to share with you…

There is nothing to say really about the things we accomplish, there is nothing to look for nor to prevent. But by looking at small places around me, hidden almost by the city, growing like a plant grows in a garden, I realised that the only thing we can do is to be creative. Art is a word, and a powerful one, but we should always remember that art is made for us to understand that LIFE, is more important than art. So be creative, to live good, to live better, dress like you want, put on the things that vibrate to your vibes, put on the clothes that make you happy…inspired, which that can help give a tone to your rhythms. Finally, don’t forget that your style is a tool. I see people around me stressing for fitness, for diets, for accomplishments…But accomplishments imply a sense of culpability, because it implies that there is a goal. Let’s break it here. There is no goal. Just the roads that you take to it. Today, I will start one with a good coffee, maybe some toasts, maybe something else…and tomorrow, I’ll be there, on another road, for you guys, another post 😉

X, -B


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