Sat ur day

Have you noticed ? In the word ”Saturday”, we find: ”ur day”.

Yes, that’s it guys, today, make it your day, because you are beautiful no matter what, and as cliche as it sounds and as cheesy as it looks, it is a reality. YOU ARE. So do like me, dress basic, change, modify, cut, replace. Do your thing. There is no recipe. Just what you feel good in. Some days you will crave an outfit by a designer, some other days you will simply want to wear what your little hands can do.

Creativity is happiness, doesn’t have to be a complex structured haute couture shirt made from a textile that you can only find on Jupiter. Can just be cotton-made, tucked in differently. Anyway, anyhow, anytime, I’m happy to receive all your messages and your views 😉 love you all like a galaxy. X, -B


Simple outfit for a Saturday. Tank top and jeans remade by The Dirty Aesthetic team. 


Jean ruffles by The Dirty Aesthetic team. 


A little hair twirl is necessary. And so is a smile 🙂

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