Sunday bricks and triangles

No laws on those brick walls… A wall is a boundary only if you don’t use it. Today, this one is my friend thanks to its skin-colored texture ;).

Sunday my lovelies is made for chilling they say, made for praying they say. Go and make it your day….I put on a 60’s inspired, thick black eyeliner, usually seen on the runway of Lanvin and these days Fendi. I kept my face minimal with makeup, as I wanted more focus on my eyes. However, a little bronzer does not hurt on those cheekbones. 😉

The color of this blouse that I am wearing is one my faves. It goes really well with a blue denim-look. Not only does it chic-up the whole look but also adds a what I like to call ‘va-va-voom’ vibe. Anyways, no need to explain further, as you can clearly feel the depiction of this outfit through the images below. Enjoy and have a blessed Sunday! X, -B


Antoine et Lili shirt-blouse. Skirt by The Dirty Aesthetic. 


Thick eyeliner please! 🙂 

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