Barefoot & Backyards

The weather these days makes me feel like Summer time is soon approaching, and I cannot help but want to turn into more of a ‘natural-less-makeup-barefoot-silky-flowy-comfortable-garments’ kind of look.I love to be walking and playing around in parks, gardens, and just generally being outside within fresh air, without a cellphone, without the weekday hassles. I feel like it is so reviving and nourishing for our minds. In my opinion, it is important to remember the simplicity of life back then. To me, beauty is simplicity (but hey not all the time because I do love to be glamorous and regal). On the other hand, simplicity is subjective, and so I am not going into that path now.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this one, and that you find yourself getting more outside. Today, I challenge you to express your style in the most of natural ways.  X, -B


White top from a boutique near Laguna Beach. Jumpsuit-pants from Rebecca Minkoff. 


All smiles 🙂


Vintage earrings- these are one of my faves. 

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