Do not mess with my Hijab

And I am back, world! I apologise extensively for not having posted in such a long time. I have been on holiday and am currently preparing for my final exams (yikes I know but do wish me luck). Anyways, let’s chat…

A month ago, my team and I thought of an idea for a shirt, and it is this below:  ‘The Do Not Mess with My Hijab’ shirt. This very special shirt (created and designed by the TDA team) is dedicated for all my hijab-wearing beauties out there. I stand before you wearing an emblem of the utmost support, respect, and admiration. You might ask why, and I would answer you with the following. I believe in the power and importance of self-expression, and how much more we all need to support and encourage one another. I am here to remind you to express; never suppress. Through fashion, I am able to do so much of that. Wearing a garment that has some words of value empowers me to expand my thinking sphere, to have the power to say ‘um why not? because really who is who to say ‘no’ but YOU. All this to tell you, I hope you’re wearing something extraordinary that makes you feel GOOD, happy, satisfied, empowered, warm as sunshine, and as smooth as the ocean floor (okay I had to say that!)

X, -B

_IGP8688 (1)

Photo Credits: Studio Scatti by Hugh Schofield. Logo Design: Subtext. Styling: TDA Team. 

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