Furry Friends Are Forever

Today is ‘TDA’ for ‘The (most) Dandy Animal.’ Of course, those fabulous furry friends require time, energy, and a lot of love. To give attention to the camera for a little while is dangerous, he might bite your attire, rip it off with his gigantic paws. And if you take a walk in the forest, you better carry some honey to trade your escape, because his charming face will devour you. He is of course a fashion designer on the side..remodeling your leggins with his teeth, cutting your top to make it hole-y, and sneezing on your sunglasses to make them blurry.

But after all, isn’t he the best friend of humankind?  See you soon 😉 X, -B


Long sleeve crop-top: Kiss The Sky. Pink washed leggings: Asos


Cutest and Furriest Friend Forever.


Gold metallic shoes: Sixtyseven 

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