Hello Yellow

Summer weather (unofficially) has arrived, and I am officially back reporting to you from where I stand. Apologies for not having posted in awhile. I have been more active on instagram these past few days, so make sure to follow me there to stay up to date (@thedirtyaesthetic). All you need to know to be caught up is the following. I have been enjoying dazzling summery days in beautiful sunny towns. Today, I was captured wearing a yellow floral dress that made the day an immense ease. And no, I didn’t even have a cup of coffee to get me through. So here I am, swirling in my dress, and remembering that to be at ease is to be yellow mellow. Be mellow (not yellow), and enjoy your weekend. See you soon! X, -B


Dress & shoes: Zara. Tan & hair: sunshine. 

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