What to wear to a day party

Happy Friday my lovelies! Today, I bring you a precious look that I’ve been wanting to wear lately. An ensemble that can make you feel like a fairy princess (YES). Mixing floral-ruffle-denim with see-through delicate lace, fixed by nothing but an eyes catching, rhinestone studded belt. Yes, because why not? I say, dare to be risky in blending different textures and materials together. Fashion can be dictated but style cannot. Carry the outfit within the attitude you want to transmit. If you’re confident in the way that you love what you’re wearing, then it will follow. I suppose the goal of all this is to say dare to take risks, trust your aestehtic intuition, and don’t think too much about what you SHOULD wear instead of what you WANT. I hope you enjoy what I have put together, and I look forward to our next session. Until Then.. X, -B


Top & Skirt: Zara. Belt: Maje. 



Metallic Eye triangles: TDA. 

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