What to wear to the laundromat

When you think you have nothing to wear and/or it is laundry day, take my input on what I am sharing below.

First, don’t pick up any drabby sweater-material-tracksuit-like ensemble that you have handy (I know that it is easier said than done). But, instead, why not trek into the laundromat with a full on vintage look? Well, that’s what I did today ;D (see below). It was quite a fun change, because usually I would have gone in sporty attire.

I have been thinking about a few things lately, and what I arrived to is this. Dressing well is a strong core for a solid mentality. How you feel carries you for the whole day, and no that is not fully influenced on WHAT is on the INSIDE. Yes, that is a part of it. The other pulling factors come from WHAT lies on the OUTSIDE. The inside pulls on the outside and the outside pulls on the inside- hmm are we achieving perfect harmony? I tell you YES. So, when we do the little, daunting tasks that are part of the everyday mundane, why not do them in style- in spunk? in love? in a smile? in a calm outlook? in italian vintage if you want 😉 ?

Outfits are a presentation of a kind of you to the world, let me be frank with you. Clothes were invented for a purpose (to cover and protect obviously) but no not just that. Express. Be audacious. encourage others to do the same. And might as well take advantage of the fact that there are so many lovely kinds of patterned silk shirts that you can spend days matching them with the oddest trousers and bottoms that you can think of, just to step out to perhaps do your grocery shopping. There’s some inspo for your groceries. Let your imagination take you to places, literally! Anyways, you get the point…

Hope I inspired you there for a moment, at least. X, -B



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