Summer Look n°1

Sporty chic- Yes, this is what I decided to put on today to go about Saturday morning and afternoon, spent getting a late breakfast on sunshine-and-sunglasses filled terrace, not taking myself too seriously and being goofy with my foamy cappuccino. Smiling at passersby and absorbing radiating energies from everyone and everything that surrounds my pastel colored headband. This look was so easy and comfortable to style, wear, and pull off. Light-hearted feelings given by a sustainable and still energy given by a light outfit…given by TDA 😉 Here is an important cycle, one that makes you feel dynamic. The book intelligence will tell you that absolutely everything that you live and feel within your inner self is produced by your brain; how unpoetic and down to earth lovelies… Keep a little magic in your life, don’t let the tricks be revealed to you, be dynamic with your look, adapt it to your thoughts, to your interior poetry and then let this look affect you with its magical energy. I know… how hard not to let your thoughts take over. But sometimes the question is ‘why would we always be into controlling our thoughts?’ Let things happen. Let your clothes influence your feelings and states of mind. Finally do not forget ; EVERYTHING MOVES, ALWAYS.

X, -B


Headband: Anthropologie. Top: Ca Me Plait Paris. Leggings: Lululemon. Sunnies: Vintage. 

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