Summer look n°3

Miami Vice type of image texture for the beautiful eyes of my dazzled readers. Today I just needed to be back in time, a little bit. The sunshine was hitting hard and its orangy bright color made me wanna wear a swimsuit according to it. Water and blue skies are something widely taken in pictures that you are probably becoming exhausted to see, but I personally never get bored watching it; every time the odds of nature and its complex forms of sounds, smells, lights and colors are reminding me different memories of childhood. Bad or good, from far it always looks good 😉 Finally, wear pieces connected to the environment that you find yourself into and then…feel the breeze, take a deep breath, dig into your brain with no efforts, find moments that bring invisible tears into your eyes and say THANK YOU. Because you deserve it. – To ALL my beautiful followers. I LOVE YOU EXACTLY HOW YOU ARE. X, -B

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Bikini: Boutique-Brasil.  Sunglasses: Raybans. Vintage jewellery. Headband: Silk scarf. 

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